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CCNA Security
Security threats How to Implement AAA
Common network attacks
Worm, Virus, and Trojan horse attacks
Cisco Self Defending Network architecture
How to Secure Cisco routers
SDM Security Audit feature
One-Step Lockdown feature in SDM
How to secure admin access to Cisco routers
Privilege levels on Cisco Routers
Role based security
Cisco IOS image and configuration file security
Network management and reporting
How to configure SSH on Cisco routers for secure management
Configure Cisco routers for Syslog
Cisco IOS IPS features
Network vs. host based IDS/IPS
IPS technologies
How to enable Cisco IOS IPS operations
Site-to-site VPNs on Cisco Routers
IKE protocol functionality and phases
IPSec and the security functions
How to configure IPSec site-to-site VPN
Troubleshooting wireless networks
Physical Connections and LEDs
Common Client-Side Issues
Using the CLI to Troubleshoot
Using the Controller Interface
Using the Controller Logs
Using SNMP
Configuring the Community Strings
Using the Cisco Spectrum Expert
AAA on Cisco Routers
TACACS+ and RADIUS  protocols
Configure AAA authentication
Configure AAA authorization
Configure AAA accounting
Mitigate threats to using ACLs
Standard access list
Extended access list
Named IP access list
How to configure and apply ACL’s
How to configure IP ACL and prevent spoofing
Points to consider when building ACLs
Mitigate Layer 2 attacks
Prevent layer 2 attacks on Catalyst switch using available security features.
Cisco IOS firewall features
Different firewall technologies
What is Stateful firewall
Zone Based Firewall and how or implement it.
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